After volunteering in several humanitarian missions with associations like UNICEF, Jonathan Kubben aspired to continue helping those in need and engaging in a long-term development project. In 2018 he decided to launch the MOM I’M FINE project. The objective of the MOM I’M FINE project is to build schools made entirely of recycled plastic.


MOM I’M FINE’s mission is to create a community with daring and caring mindset.

On April 1st 2016, Jonathan introduced MOM I’M FINE to the world on Instagram. As he traveled around the world, he always made sure to leave his mom the message ‘MOM I’M FINE’ one picture at the time. His story soon became an internet sensation and the account quickly gained an impressive following. Years later, this message has become a global movement and a philosophy of life.



Jonathan Kubben is an influencer, entrepreneur, public speaker and philanthropist, who is passionate about the environment, education and development. His origins are very dear to him as his mother is Mexican and his father is Belgian.

Before launching MOM I’M FINE on Instagram and engaging into an adventure around the world, Jonathan was a consultant for embassies and lobby firms. He also worked on campaigns for governments, the European Commission and public figures like Cristiano Ronaldo. He completed his studies in Communication and in International Trade.

Jonathan has engaged in philanthropic activities and humanitarian missions, for which he has been recognized already twice in the Influencers Awards in Monaco in 2018 and 2019. His first humanitarian mission was in Morocco with the Belgian Agency for Development Cooperation in 2016. The following year, he participated in a UNICEF mission in Saint Martin after the devastation of the island was caused by Hurricane Irma.

While volunteering in Saint Martin, an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 struck Mexico and damaged several cities. Therefore, he decided to support his country and provide donations. He gave conferences with Anáhuac University across Mexico and donated all funds to support the victims and reconstruction of the damaged areas. Further in 2018, he engaged in a UNICEF mission in Madagascar and had the opportunity to learn more about building schools, improving access to essential resources like water, and enhancing child protection.

His most recent project is MOM I’M FINE THE PROJECT, which is currently in development and aims at building a school from recycled plastic.